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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for membership?

Membership is $36 a year with a one time processing fee of $10,(total $46 if joining as a new member)

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What does my membership include?

You and one other adult and children under 18. You have access to our Hosted and Home Stays and the use of our member only discounts.

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Do you have to be a teacher to join?

No. There are many occupations in the education field, from teachers, nurses, coaches, counselors, librarians, those in school administration and so many more. We can not list them all.
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Is my personal information listed on the website?

We never publish any of our member’s last names, addresses, phone numbers or other personal contact information on the Internet. We feel that privacy and security are of utmost importance.

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Do I have to be active in my career to join?

No. Retired educators are more than welcome. They seem to have the most fun with the freedom to travel more often.
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Can my family join?

Yes. We welcome your family members to join the Educators Travel Network family. They must be sponsored by a current member.
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What is expected of me as a host?

• After you agree to host, the traveler will contact you right away to introduce themselves, arrange time of arrival, etc.

• Accommodations should be clean and comfortable.

• Arrange a mutually convenient time for the traveler to arrive.

• If the room the traveler will be staying in is typically used for another purpose, or if there are other restrictions, let the traveler know in advance.

• You are welcome to become as involved with your guests as you like. However, hospitality above and beyond that of normal friendly behavior is entirely voluntary. Your fellow member will probably appreciate any information or help you can give such as driving directions, special events, places to see, good restaurants or simply what is unique in your area.

• We do suggest that a self-serve continental breakfast be made available to your guest. A cup of coffee or juice and toast is adequate. This is not required. We know some of you are just too busy to supply breakfast but are happy to host.

• Enjoy your guests and make new friends!

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Do I have to host?

No. This is a reciprocal organization, you are not required to say yes every time we ask you to host, just when it is convenient. 

  • Just a clean place to sleep and shower is all that is required 
  • Food and entertainment are not required 
  • We do ask that each member agree to host at least once per year (unless room is an issue) 
  • Traveling? Offer your home for an HomeStay. Your home will be occupied and safe and you earn Reward Dollars too!
  • Hosting earns you Reward Dollars that are used like cash on your next trip. Makes travel even more affordable!
Remember if no one hosted there would be nowhere to stay.
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How do I book a trip?

1. Make sure your member file is up to date with your current telephone number and email address.

2. Choose your dates and destination

3. Specify Trip Details - Number of travelers, purpose of trip, if you need public transportation etc.

4. Using the Destinations tab choose hosts that meet your requirements or that interest you OR just tell us to locate a host that fits your stay requirements.

5. Book the trip by filling out an online booking request form, calling or emailing us.

6. You will receive a Booking Confirmation by Email. This is written confirmation of your trip request. (Please review it and let us know if there are any changes)
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What is the cost per night?

The cost is $45 for 2 travelers in one room and $35 for a single traveler. A home stay is $55 per night for two travelers. There is also a $5 booking fee per host (not per night). If there are more than 2 travelers or use of two or more rooms the rates do increase, inquire for fee.
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Where and how do I search for a destination?

Click on the Destinations tab at the top of every webpage. There you enter city, state and country. You may also search by zip code and member number.
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How do I know what accommodations a host is offering?

Each host has written a paragraph about them and their location. The member profile also contains the bed type, bathroom availability, number of rooms and other relevant information. We also try to gather information such as distance to public transportation, nearby cities and nearby sites to see.
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When is a trip confirmed?

Your trip is confirmed when ETN has contacted your chosen hosts and they confirm they can host for your travel dates. Host choices are made by you, the traveler. Questions about a host? Contact us before booking.
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What if I need to cancel?

To cancel a confirmed trip or stay, call your hosts, then contact us. All cancellations are charged the booking fee of $5 plus $4 per night. If a trip is canceled with less than 48 hours notice you will be charged for the first night in addition to the usual fees.

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What is expected of me as a traveler?

• After receiving the confirmation, call your hosts immediately to introduce yourself, arrange time of arrival, get directions etc.

• Be flexible about arrangements and practical about your expectations.

• Follow through and arrive at the time agreed upon by you and your host.

• If plans change, notify your host immediately. Last minute cancellations or "no shows" are very disruptive even in the greatest emergency.

• Guests are expected to be self-sufficient, reasonable and considerate.

• Be considerate of your host's time and resources. Plan activities outside of the host's home as much as possible during the day so your hosts can carry on with their normal routine.

• Remember, these are member's private homes and not commercial B&Bs. Please treat your hosts as you would your own friends and family.

• Enjoy your hosts hospitality and make new friends!

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How do I pay?

When your trip is completely booked we will send you a statement by email. We will deduct any ETN Reward Dollars you have earned from your total. This will have a link to our secure gateway. All funds are in US Dollars.

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Is the payment gateway secure?

Yes. Your credit card information is never made available to anyone. After your transaction is complete we receive a notice from our secure service that you have paid.
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What credit cards are accepted?

We currently accept Visa and Mastercard
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Does cash ever exchange hands between traveler and host?

No. Our members would be required to be commercial B&Bs to receive cash. This would involve paying local, state, federal and hotel taxes. In addition, they would have to be a registered as a business with the state and federal government.
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How do I earn ETN Reward Dollars?

You earn Reward Dollars for hosting fellow members in your home.
When you refer new members to ETN. Each new member that joins earns you $10 in Reward Dollars.

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How many ETN Reward Dollars do I earn for hosting?

They start at $10 per night and go up as the number of travelers and rooms increase. You receive $20 a night for allowing a member to do a Home Stay.
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What can I use ETN Reward Dollars for?

Reward Dollars can be used towards billing from ETN including trips and annual dues. These Reward Dollars are for use only with our service and cannot be redeemed for cash or merchandise.
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Do my dues have to be current to host?

No. We do allow our members to host even when their dues are lapsed. This allows them to earn ETN Reward Dollars. The Reward Dollars just accumulate in the members account and never expire.
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Must I have an extra bedroom to be a host?

No. Maybe all you have to offer is a couch or fold out in an office. We simply list the your available accommodations on our website so that a traveling member is aware of what you have to offer in advance.
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What is a Home Stay?

When a member is going to be out of town for 5 nights or longer they list their home in the Home Stay area of our website. Since many people are worried about leaving their home unattended knowing that their home is safe with a fellow member staying there can be very beneficial.
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Are there any full time home stays?

Yes. We so have many members who own a guest apartment or vacation home that they allow fellow members use year round. These can be booked for any number of nights.
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Where do I search for a home stay?

Click on the home stay link on the left hand side of every web page.
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How do I list my home for a home stay?

Simply email or call us at 800.956.4822

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