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How It Works

How It Works


This section is designed to explain just how Educators Travel Network (ETN) works. Our network offers you discount travel at only $45 per night for two.


Joining our network costs just $36 per year with a one time processing fee of $10.  
*Processing fee is charged only the first year you join.

Your membership entitles you and your immediate family (partner/spouse and children under 18) to use all of Educators Travel Network options. You will also receive newsletters and email bulletins about new services we've added and unique stories about our members' travels. Renewal bills are automatically sent each year during the anniversary month of your joining.

Easy to book a trip

Travel is just $45 per night for two people (one room)
*There is a booking fee of $5 per host regardless of how many nights you stay.

Home Stays* are only $55 per night (two travelers)
*Home Stays are defined as when one member is away for 5 days or more and another member is allowed to stay at their home while they are away.

Just go to the Destinations tab on our website and view our complete membership directory. This page introduces you to current ETN members, tells you a little bit about them and describes their accommodations.
Since privacy is very important to our network we do not list phone numbers, addresses or last names.

Choose a few hosts who interest you, complete a booking request form online with the dates of your trip and we will contact them on your behalf. Once we have confirmation, we give you host information and you can then contact your host(s) directly.

Earn Free Travel

Travel Credits are earned when you host members. You receive a minimum of $10 per night in ETN Reward Dollars each night that you host. If you put your house up for a Home Stay* you will receive $20 per night in Reward Dollars for each night a fellow member stays at your home.

Reward Dollars can be used towards billing from Educators Travel Network, including trips and annual membership renewals. ETN Reward Dollars are for use only with our service and cannot be redeemed for cash or merchandise.

Itís that easy!