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Here is how easy it is to benefit from affordable travel, begin earning ETN Reward Dollars and to make new friends while traveling to many new or familiar destinations.

Your membership entitles you and your immediate family (partner/spouse and children under 18) to use all of our Educators Travel Network options. You will also receive newsletters and email bulletins about new services we've added and unique stories about our members' travels. Renewal bills are sent each year during the anniversary month of your joining. Existing Renewal Dollars accrued during the previous year can be applied toward membership renewal.

To log into your member account, use your email address and password. If you are not already a registered member click the join now link to register. Once logged into your account you can access important useful information such as viewing your own profile, trip list and Reward Dollars. You can even book a trip online or pay for trips and membership dues.

The membership directory and available Home Stays are on our website under the Destinations tab or Home Stay links. This is the most efficient way to find travel options and availability.

New members join daily and the Home Stay listings are always changing. This gives you more travel options. Be sure to check the website often.†

How to Book a Trip

Please try to book your trip at least two weeks in advance but no later than 5 days before your first night of travel. This increases the chances of a successful booking. As a general rule, we won't call prospective hosts until about eight weeks ahead of your stay. This minimizes the chances of the host having other plans come up that could affect your stay. Follow these 6 quick and easy steps to book your trip. If you have no computer/Internet available you can call us to find a host and book a trip.

  1. Make sure your member file is up to date with your current telephone number and email address (we can not work on a trip if we do not have a way to contact you).
  2. Choose your travel dates and destination(s).
  3. Specify Trip Details - How many travelers will there be, their names and ages, purpose of your trip, whether you have a car or need public transportation, any restrictions (stairs, no smoking, etc.), if there are any allergy concerns (cats, dogs, etc.) and is breakfast required.
  4. Using the Destinations tab choose hosts that meet your requirements or that interest you (the more you choose the better your chances are of securing a host) OR just tell us to locate a host that fits your stay requirements.
  5. Book the trip by filling out an online booking request form available to registered members by signing onto your own member account file. You may also email or call us at (800) 956-4822 or fax us at (541) 686-5818.
  6. You will receive a "Must Know Minder" (MKM) by Email. This is written confirmation of your trip request. If you don't receive a MKM or there are any errors on the one you do receive, please let us know as soon as possible.

Keeping Track of Your Trip

Sign into your own member account file on our website. Enter your email and your password in the log in section of our site. Once logged in, your hosting information, ETN Reward Dollars, hosting†and travel history as well as the most current news on your existing trip will be available to you.

The Booking Process

We contact the host choices you selected on your original booking request or those added at a later date. We can contact hosts no earlier than 8 weeks prior to your trip. Please call us if there are any changes. If you are leaving home before the first night stay at the host we have found for you, please make sure that we have a cell phone number or telephone number where we can reach you.†We will continue working on your trip until you cancel it.


Your trip is confirmed when we have contacted and verified that one of the hosts you selected can accommodate you. We will then contact you with the hostís name, phone number and email address. You should contact your host(s) within 3 days of receiving our confirmation. If you canít reach them let us know immediately. If you cancel your trip after it has been confirmed cancellation fees will apply.


Once your trip is confirmed you will be emailed a statement of the total cost of your trip. You then sign into your account on our website and you will be redirected to our secure payment portal. Costs are $45 per night for two (hosted) and $55 per night (Home Stay/unhosted) plus a $5 booking fee per host. All funds are always in US dollars.

Cancellation of Confirmed Trips

To cancel a trip or stay, call your hosts first, then contact us. All cancellations are charged the booking fee of $5 plus $4 per night. If a trip is canceled with less than 48 hours notice you will be charged for the first night in addition to the usual fees.

Our members are friendly, congenial educators who love to meet other educators. These are not commercial B&B's but other members who act as your host to provide a friendly and relaxed environment. Many of our members talk of the joy they received by hosting another member. They meet new friends and colleagues and many times forge new friendships.

You are now on your way to fun and affordable travel.

What is expected of me as a traveler?

What is expected of me as a host?

†If you have further questions visit our FAQs page.