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History of Educators Travel and Meet the Staff

History of Educators Travel and Meet the Staff

Educators Travel Network is a membership based travel network for friendly, congenial people who work or retired from the field of education.

Our History

Educators Travel Network (ETN) was founded in 1986 by Hazel and Norm Smith, two retired teachers who were inspired to create a membership only travel club that was both affordable and rewarding.

The idea for “Educators Travel Network” originated from the way Norm and Hazel actually traveled. They were part of a group of educators who would travel somewhere every year to play tennis.  One year, sixteen members of the group went to Oxford, England.  A local professor allowed three couples to stay in his home while he was on vacation, and Norm and Hazel got to experience life as a “local.” They enjoyed becoming acquainted with the corner grocer and dining at the neighborhood restaurants.  This experience was the foundation on which ETN was built.  They had such a wonderful time – staying inexpensively in the home of a fellow educator and getting to have experiences that most tourists don’t. They decided to try to make it possible for other educators to do the same in cities worldwide.  It has turned out to be an idea that our members think is fantastic!



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